Surfing under Spinnaker

Surfing under Spinnaker in following seas.
This footage was taken during the 2014 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race where she won 4th place in division 2 (taking away 2nd place division 2 the following year), approaching Storm Bay, South East Tasmania.
Cruising conditions: all hands on deck, weight towards the back and strapped in. Speeds up to 22 knots.
Warning: mild sailor mouth.

Racing into the Sunset

Racing up Australia’s East Coast, competing in the 2014 Sydney to Goldcoast Yacht Race.
North bound, spinnaker up, and watching a magnificent sunset over the Coffs Harbour coastline.
The fleck on the horizon while zoomed in is another yacht, slightly ahead of us, but soon to be overtaken!

Racing Under Spinnaker

Spinnaker Racing: go up to the A5?